ToppStoppa is an innovative product that prevents bottled drinks being spiked.

1 p1With drug assisted sexual assault and robbery on the rise we feel it's necessary that something is done to put an end to the drink spiking culture that is an increasing problem in our society.

We at ToppStoppa aim to make drinking in pubs and clubs a safer experience for everyone by introducing our product into pubs and clubs around the country.

The tamper proof concept was devised by John Blundell after his 25 year old son was found unconcious in a field after having his drink spiked on a night out with friends. "He's a strapping lad so if these date rape drugs can knock him unconcious it can happen to anyone"

The ToppStoppa is a tamper proof device used to prevent drink spiking on bottled drinks, the only way to get into your drink if you leave it unattended with the ToppStoppa attached is if someone actually removes the safety ring pull, thus making you aware of any tampering with your drink.

United Nations
In its 2009 Annual report, The UN Narcotics Board under Article 52/8 calls for all member states to address the emerging problem of the use of substances to facilitate sexual assault ("Date Rape"). In addition under this resolution it calls on all member states to put in place measure to enhance public awareness of the problem, to consider imposing stricter controls or taking other measures aimed at discouraging the use of such substances for the commission of drug facilitated sexual assault.

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West Yorkshire Police
ToppStoppa has formed a part of Operation "Northdale" an initiative run by West Yorkshire Police which has resulted in a significant reduction in violent sexual and violent crime in the region.  This has resulted in them being awarded a national award from the ACPO (Association of Chief Police Officers) for reducing violent sexual attacks by over 70%.

Corporate Manslaughter
Legal opinion is that should a person die because of drink spiking in a particular establishment who are doing nothing to prevent drink spiking then Corporate Manslaughter charges could apply.  This could result in the owners/licencee of the establishment be fined up to 10% of Turnover and or up to 12 years custodial sentence.

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