"I was a victim of a gang rape in 2006, when my flashbacks came back, I had a recall of one of the guys saying that I had been given Rohypnol. On telling this to the police they dismissed it saying "It is a myth that Rohypnol is used in drug rapes."

My case never went to court for lack of evidence, well, it is the "perfect crime" after all. Laws need to be changed, in a major way.

(In this case) , why was this girl given Rohypnol? The answer is simple, in order to rape her. Why was the drug not connected to the act of rape?

This drug rape is only going to explode, as more and more scum bags brag about how clever they were in raping and getting away with it. The victims like myself carry the scars and humiliation around on a daily basis, but life goes on, you do your best to try and push the memories away, but they have a way of coming back just when you least expect. Trauma is an horrific process, unless you have suffered trauma in some form, words can never describe it."

- Teresa, North of Ireland

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