Boy's drink spiked with drug

A SCHOOLBOY from Corsham was rushed to hospital after it is believed his drink was spkied with a mystery drug.

The 15-year-old, of Katherine Park, whose parents asked for him not to be named, was playing football with his friends at Springfield Sports Ground last Wednesday when he started to lose consciousness.

Ten minutes earlier he had drank from his bottle of coke, which had been left some distance away while he carried on playing football.

While shocked friends looked on, the youngster became nauseous, fell sick and started to black out.

Before the symptoms got worse, the Corsham School pupil forced himself to vomit, hoping to rid the toxins from his stomach.

He said: "We had a bottle of coke each and I went over to have some of mine.

"I carried on playing but after 10 minutes something hit me inside and I felt really ill. I went into a semi-conscious state and couldn't work out where I was or who I was with.

"Before it got worse some instinct kicked in and I forced myslef to be sick. I just knew I had to get it our of my system."

A friend called his mother and she arrived to find her son lying on the ground surrounded by friends.

He said: "My mum thought I was going to go. She thought I'd had it. Apparently I was grey and looked in bad shape.

"I cannot remember a thing from the moment the drug started to hit me."

Sick with worry, she decided not to wait for an ambulance and drove her son to Chippenham Community Hospital where he was put on a drip and monitored closely.

Doctors sent him to the Royal United Hospital in Bath where he was kept in overnight.

His blood was taken and tested but the results will take time to come back and doctors are not confident they will be able to identify what drug it was.

His 36-year-old father said : "The doctors at Chippenham told us this was the third case of a child's drinks being spiked in one week."

Neither the police or hospital staff could confirm this.

He added: "His heart rate went dangerously low and it could have been so much worse. We thought he was going to die. It was a horrible and traumatic experience."

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