As you are aware, to maintain your licence to sell alcohol on your premises you must adhere to all legislation written in your licence agreement. Here we have highlighted certain parts of the licence agreement and throughout this website explain why it is important that the spiraling problem of drink spiking in Pubs, Bars and Clubs in the UK needs addressing.

The 4 main objectives laid out by the licencing act 2003 are;

1. The Prevention of Crime and Disorder
2. Public Safety
3. The Prevention of Public Nuisance
4. The Protection of Children from Harm

By offering protection in your licensed premises against drink spiking you are adhering to the Public Safety objective laid out by the licensing act, while also following the first objective of the prevention of Crime.

Public Safety is paramount when running any kind of business but with the huge explosion in drink spiking for rape or robbery in UK pubs, clubs and bars you should make sure your company is doing everything it can to prevent this crime.

TIME PLEASE - The safety of the public should no longer be ignored!

It should be of major concern to everyone but especially those working in the brewing industry that figures from the Roofie Foundation show the majority of victims had their drinks spiked in a pub or on a licensed premises.

Despite many attempts to enlist the help of members of the brewing industry and despite a large article in the licensed trades' own press, to date no company or organisation in the brewery and leisure industry has shown any interest in the work being undertaken by the Roofie Foundation.

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