ToppStoppa is a bottle cap which gives temporary protection between drinks and virtual total protection when fully deployed with tamper evidence.

Show your customers that you care
topp stoppa barThe safety of your customers should be paramount to any business, drug rape and robbery is a rising problem and pubs, bars and clubs should be doing all they can to prevent this crime happening on their premises. By ensuring protection for your customers, and a visible detterant to would-be criminals, by implementing the Topp Stoppa into your business you will show the public that you are doing everything you can to keep them safe.

topp stoppa bar 2ToppStoppa is the original, and the only, TAMPER-PROOF product available that prevents drink spiking. Other products are available that attempt to prevent the crime but they can be easily removed or tampered with in order to administer an illegal drug.

Where you can get them?
You can order the ToppStoppa in bulk for your business. Contact us by telephone/fax or send us an email, all contact details are listed on the contacts page.

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